Does anybody want to give me some inspiration for this powerpoint?

I’m trying to figure out how to make this fit into my major being Psychology, and eventually career as a psychologist. I just really have no idea how to make it fit for the sake of the powerpoint. Me and my ideas on how to do an assignment I had no guidelines on. *sigh*

If you possess a strong Belief theme, you have certain core values that are enduring. These values vary from one person to another, but ordinarily your Belief theme causes you to be family-oriented, altruistic, even spiritual, and to value responsibility and high ethics—both in yourself and others. These core values affect your behavior in many ways. They give your life meaning and satisfaction; in your view, success is more than money and prestige. They provide you with direction, guiding you through the temptations and distractions of life toward a consistent set of priorities. This consistency is the foundation for all your relationships. Your friends call you dependable. “I know where you stand,” they say. Your Belief makes you easy to trust. It also demands that you find work that meshes with your values. Your work must be meaningful; it must matter to you. And guided by your Belief theme it will matter only if it gives you a chance to live out your values.

I don’t know what’s going on right now.

I’m writing whatever I’m ideologically putting into this powerpoint onto paper…. And it’s like my dad’s handwriting took over my hand. I’m trying to write “something” and it’s coming out like my dad’s very confusing penmanship. And then worse, his very very messy signature and I don’t know how to get my hand to stop.

This is weird for me tbh because okay, I get I haven’t written in a while… But my handwriting is relatively neat lately. It used to be perfect for me but then I haven’t written in……. 2 years.

That long?


Hey guys, after this week my blog(s) should be back on track. Except thinkmarrish, of course. I have nothing for that, still…

I’ve constantly been in my email, waiting for my professor to email me back about the powerpoint presentation I’m supposed to give tomorrow. I have no idea what it’s supposed to consist of or anything so…. I’m just gonna purposely do the wrong thing to say I tried. There’s nothing more I can do if he isn’t going to respond.

Also, I have two tests this week. Fun, right? Yeah, no.

So uh… If you need me, I’ll be around. Send me an ask and when I see it (cause I’ll be refreshing my activity page semi-often) or when it goes through to my email I’ll reply. I swear. 

Today’s dedicated to BSing this powerpoint. Why couldn’t Jerrid just reply? It has been a week, dangit.

Tomorrow until Friday I’ll be studying for my English and Math tests. 

But please. Talk to me throughout this. Keep me sane. Talk about life. Talk about Marrish. Talk fandoms. Talk about whatever.

With this said…. What’s an appropriate size for college powerpoint presentations? You know, like how many slides should I have? How many dedicated to each topic?