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I am so proud of this! Did your heart absolutely…

Oh dear god, you have no idea! I was a puddle of feels on the floor during that scene. And the thing with her being all into Barry and Oliver all like “Yeah, nooo.” And the end of season 2?? Urgh, I can’t even with this couple. They just really click on screen. I was reading some things about how the writers hadn’t intended on going with Olicity, but that it’s really a result of Stephen and Emily’s on-screen chemistry. And I’m so glad they’re going along with it as a result because they reeeeaaallllly do click. But aside from the Olicity things, Felicity herself has become my favorite character. At this point, I want all the Felicity backstory I can get because she’s absolutely amazing and I want more of her. 

Yaaaaay! I’m so glad we’re on the same page here!


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I did! I finished S1 and S2 in a week. I had a couple days off from work and basically didn’t come out of my room (or house) until I finished everything. That’s how hooked I was. I just. Couldn’t. Stop. But I loved everything about it, not just the Olicity things (which as ridiculous as it sounds, I was already shipping from way before even watching the show because of several people I follow posting Olicity related things - it’s impossible to not ship those two. Seriously). But yeah, so I’m in love with it and I kind of can’t believe I’ll have to watch an episode a week when the season starts because it’s the kind of show that, given the opportunity, I would place my life on hold to watch everything in one sitting! 

I am so proud of this!

Did your heart absolutely melt at “You’ll always be my girl, Felicity” because mine did and I’m still not over it lol

I must admit, if I had been in your position I’d already be shipping it too hahaha

Meet The Blogger


I can totally do this one. Thanks rageofanerd!

Rules: Just insert your answers to the questions below. You must tag at least 10 of your followers.

Name: Davette

Nickname(s): Uhhh, I let everybody call me D cause that’s what they can remember lol. At Coastal, my friends and I called me Awkward, Awk for short. lol

Birthday: October 7th. Yes, next week.

Gender: Female.

Sexuality: Straight

Height: I um… lost track. I was 5’7 in 9th grade soooo do what you want with it lol

Current time zone: EST

Most used phrases: dude, seriously, are you (absolutely freaking) kidding me, i dont even know, what, like, like what, get out, okay but, omg, i think that’s it (as one of my phrases lol)

Last thing you said to a family member: They still make ‘em? (Bop Its)

Favorite beverage(s): White Tea, Pomegranate Blueberry juice, (White) Grape juice, this peach tea I’ve been drinking (bonus: slip a piece of a white chocolate hershey’s inside and omg)

First word that comes to mind: mind

Place that makes you feel happy and why: Coastal Carolina University. It was the only place I ever felt at home and want to go back to my friends so bad. There was this one spot on campus I really liked to sit at on campus. Right outside of three of the class buildings, there was this lake with a waterfall and there were these shady tables right along the sidewalk beside the lake. Every time I went to Prince Lawn, waiting for class to start, I sat there. Here’s a picture my friend once took of the lake and Prince


The building? That’s Prince. The small looking things to the left are for one of the many on campus events that was being set up for on Prince Lawn.

Last movie watched at the cinema: I don’t remember. Probably Captain America, the first one.

Three things you can’t live without: ……Internet? Ummmm…. Food, Candy.

Something you plan on learning: French

Piece of advice for your followers: Be you. Don’t settle for anybody or change who you are. You let your awesome shine and show the world what they’re missing out on.

People I’m tagging: Everybody. You see this? Do it. :)

Just thought I’d share this with you guys! You should all do it :)

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of course girl! uhm captain swan (but i am so not watching the next season of ouat. theyre gonna kiss too, though) and marrish and olicity and draeden and stalia but very marginally. yeah. those are my ships.

Yay for Captain Swan, Marrish (but we already knew that lol), Olicity, and Draeden! Woooo!

My other ships are way too many to list lol but here are a few. Destiel (although I’m not sure if it’s more romantic or brotp), Klaroline, Skyeward, Monrosalee (which sails itself), Jemily, I’m kind of upset about Delena, and I also have Steroline feels. Buuut Steroline is nowhere near my Klaroline heart.

Klaroline, Marrish, Jemily, and Olicity are OTP :)

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olicity is gonna kiss in the season premiere. AND APPARENTLY it is only the EIGHTH most important thing to happen during it???

Wait…. You ship it too? Lol what else do we ship together?

I knew  about the kiss but I didn’t know it’d be so soon! Omg Yaaaaay! Only the 8th most important thing to happen. I can’t tell if I’m gonna love this or not cause doesn’t Felicity get hurt?

Okay… I know I must’ve missed something while stuck in Marrishland, soooo what have I missed? haha. Any Olicity updates? Captain Swan? Bellarke? When does the100 come back anyway? Something you just feel like telling somebody and don’t know who? lol